End of Life Care in St. Joseph, MI

Comforting end of life care for your St. Joseph senior

There will come a time in each of our lives when we come to the end of our time on earth. Depending on your upbringing, life experiences, faith, and culture, each of us will face this time differently. The circumstances that bring us to the end will also shape our end of life situation. For some, the end will come suddenly, but others will face long, drawn-out, painful situations. Some seniors will pass surrounded by friends and family. Others will pass alone. One constant, however, is the benefits end of life care provides when it comes to maximizing quality of life.

End of Life Care in St. Joseph, MI

End of life care refers to the medical and palliative support provided to an individual in their estimated final six months of life. The goal of end of life care is no longer finding a cure but making a person as comfortable as possible. This process entails the control of physical pain, making sure a senior's wishes are heard and adhered to, providing emotional support for the senior and loved ones, and maximizing a person's dignity and respect.

It is important to remember that of all in home care services, end of life care must be completely flexible and customizable. After all, what constitutes a peaceful and dignified death is different for just about everybody. Not everybody experiences pain when they die, and those that do have very different views on pain. While some people want to be surrounded by loved ones and relive memories, others want to go with little fanfare. One of the primary focuses of end of life care is to listen to and follow the wishes of the senior.

For seniors who do face large amounts of pain during their final months, end of life care should not limit their access to pain medications. After all, there is no risk of drug addiction or long-term impacts on the body. According to the National Institute of Health, "pain is easier to prevent than to relieve, and severe pain is hard to manage. Try to make sure that the level of pain does not get ahead of pain-relieving medicines." If the current medication does not seem to be providing the amount of relief that is desired, an end of life palliative care specialist can work with the physicians to increase or change medications.

While end of life care is not focused on curing a terminal condition, it is concerned with preventing new conditions from arising. This includes preventing a large number of skin conditions such as excessive dryness, chapping, pressure sores, and the like. Other focuses include digestive problems, dehydration, and loneliness.

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