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In Home Care in South Haven, MI

Comfort Keepers of St. Joseph, MI Offers The Finest In Home Care for Seniors in South Haven, MI

The simple fact is that no one wants to admit they are no longer able to handle caring for themselves or their home, but for many, it is all part of getting older. It's especially hard to imagine giving up your home when you live in beautiful South Haven.  Services exist that allow seniors to stay in their home, but many seniors either don't know about them or worry that by accepting the assistance of an in home care agency, they will be giving up their independence and admitting they are no longer capable of caring for themselves. In reality, when you come to Comfort Keepers for a helping hand, the last thing we want is for you to feel as though you are giving up anything at all, let alone your sense of dignity and independence. Instead, our goal is to help seniors have the best quality of life possible in their golden years. 

in home care in South Haven, MIThe caregivers we provide as part of our in home care programs in South Haven, MI have been specially chosen for far more than their professional skills and training, though that is an important part of it as well. We choose each of our caregivers for their caring attitude, and their willingness and ability to work with their clients and put them at ease while still ensuring they do the job they have been hired to do. For example, not only can our caregivers shop for and prepare nutritious meals, but they will also include their clients in helping to prepare the meal when they are able and want to and then sit with them to provide companionship during the meal (seniors with a companion at mealtimes eat more and enjoy it more as well). They strive to involve their clients and ensure that they are still active and enjoying life. 

Personalized In Home Care Plans in South Haven, MI

At Comfort Keepers, we are not content to offer a small range of pre-set in home care plans for seniors in South Haven, MI. Our goal is to provide you or your loved ones with one of the most versatile and customizable ranges of care plans in the country. Whether you need a little extra help for a few hours a week or full-time, around-the-clock care by a team of professional caregivers and trained nurses, we can provide you with the exact level of care you need and then adjust it as your needs change.

Something that is included in all of our caregiving plans in South Haven is Interactive Caregiving. Interactive caregiving goes above and beyond basic caregiving duties in order to make our clients' lives more enjoyable. Our caregivers all truly care about their clients and interact with them in meaningful ways. Caregivers encourage seniors to remain active, whether that is by doing puzzles together, driving them to the senior center for activities, going on walks around the block, or anything else the senior might enjoy. Our caregiving services are designed to truly catered to each and every individual senior. 

Our Senior Care Services

We offer a wide range of services for seniors needing extra assistance in the South Haven area. A few of the senior care services we offer include:

Grooming, and Hygiene

Looking and feeling your best is important to everyone, regardless of age. Seniors may lose the ability to care for themselves. Our caregivers are there to help seniors who fear falling while bathing or have physical or cognitive limitations that make bath-time difficult. We can assist with hair combing and styling, shampooing, shaving (with an electric shaver), and other grooming needs to help seniors maintain personal hygiene.

Toileting and Incontinence Care

Losing control of your body is difficult for anyone. We understand the sensitive nature of toileting and incontinence care for seniors who have lost the ability to care for themselves in this way. We also know that ignoring these issues is not an option for the comfort or health of the elderly involved. Our caregivers offer compassionate, dignified help with these personal aspects of daily living, which our senior clients appreciate.

Transferring and Positioning

An issue that seniors often face is immobility or being bedridden. Our caregivers are able to help our clients move around their homes, especially seniors who experience age or illness-related limited mobility. Our caregivers can assist the elderly with getting in and out of bed, chairs, and wheelchairs. Caregivers are trained in proper positioning while sitting or lying, which can contribute to reducing bedsore risks. Having a caregiver around also reduces the risk of falls. If a fall does happen, caregivers are there to offer immediate help.

Mobility Assistance and Transportation

Seniors have had years and years of being independent and able to get themselves around town. It can be devasting to lose the ability to transport yourself to the places you've gone to for years and years. To assist with the difficult transition of aging, Comfort Keeper caregivers help seniors remain active by assisting them in getting from place to place in comfort and safety. Caregivers take clients to doctor's appointments, grocery stores, barber’s shops, and more. We're able to run errands that need to be run, such as picking up prescriptions or groceries. Seniors can tag along on the errand run to get out of the house, or they can stay at home if they desire. 

Grocery Shopping/Errands

Seniors may have difficulty completing all of the errands they need to, such as picking up medication or buying groceries. Our caregivers take care of this problem by running around for you. This can include grocery shopping and other errands, such as stopping at the pharmacy or post office. Your loved ones are welcome to stay home or come along for the ride as a way to stay active.


Many family members worry about their aging relatives getting the proper nutrition in their diet. Whether your loved one has been prescribed a special diet by a doctor or just wants to improve their nutrition in general, our caregivers can help. They cook hot and wholesome meals to meet individual nutritional and dietary needs. Additionally, many seniors don’t eat enough, but having a companion at dinner encourages them to eat and makes the meal more enjoyable than just eating alone.

Light Housekeeping

It's unhealthy to live in an unclean environment, but basic housekeeping tasks to keep a clean home can be tough for seniors. Our caregivers are available to provide light housekeeping, including dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms (basic cleaning of sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets), cleaning kitchens (sinks, appliances, counters, and taking out the trash), straightening all rooms, and organizing closets and drawers.


In addition to basic housekeeping tasks, we are also happy to take care of all laundry needs, either in the home or at a nearby laundromat. After all, everyone needs clean clothes to be happy and healthy. These services may include washing, drying, ironing, and putting clean laundry away. We know that many people are particular as to how their laundry is done, so our caregivers are careful to do the laundry to the client's specifications. 

Medication Reminders

Our caregivers cannot administer medications as they are not trained medical professionals. However, they can assist in ensuring that clients take their medication as prescribed by their doctors. Our caregivers can help with opening medication containers, reading labels, and reminding the client when it is time for the next dose of their medication. There is no need to worry about whether or not your loved is properly taking their medication when a caregiver is around to ensure that they are on track.

Conversation and Companionship

One thing that seniors lack as they age is companionship and even conversation. Their families have moved away, and it's difficult to maintain friendships as you age. Staying socially engaged is important to seniors’ health, so Comfort Keepers caregivers are happy to provide companionship to their clients. Our caregivers provide friendly company, conversation, and mealtime companionship — a fantastic way to keep your loved ones engaged and upbeat.

Excellent in Home Elderly Care in South Haven 

If those services sound like what your elderly loved one needs and you're looking for excellent care in South Haven, we would love to meet with you. We take great pride in the quality of service we offer and especially how friendly, responsible, and professional our caregivers are. All of our current clients (and their families) in South Haven love the care they receive, and we'd love to help you out too! 

Caregiver assisting seniors in South Haven

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