Alzheimer's Care in Berrien County, MI

Skilled Alzheimer's care for your Berrien County senior.

Alzheimer's, a disease that takes away the abilities of seniors, affects millions of loved one’s across the world. A person with Alzheimer's may suffer from an inability to concentrate, a loss of ability to recall close friends and family or even an inability to take care of themselves. As the disease progresses, most seniors with Alzheimer's will require at least some degree of professional Alzheimer's care. 

Alzheimer's Care in Berrien County, MI

Seniors with early-stage Alzheimer's can typically provide most of their own care. But, as the stages progress into mid-stage Alzheimer's, seniors start to have trouble with daily tasks. At this point, a senior may require more support from family members or need professional Alzheimer's care as, during this stage, seniors may appear coherent yet, the next moment, not know where they are or who they are with. By the late stages of Alzheimer's disease, a senior's behaviors will change, potentially appearing more angry, threatening, paranoid, or even violent than you may previously remember them. During this stage, professional care is extremely beneficial.

As a senior progresses through the disease, it is important to remember that the changes reflect the disease and not the person. Many family caregivers are able to support and care for their loved one through the first couple of stages, but, as the disease progresses, the need to turn to Alzheimer's care specialists when the symptoms become severe. As a loved one, it can simply become too hard to face the physical and emotional demands of caregiving all while attempting to make the most of their time with their loved one.

That's where Comfort Keepers comes in. We offer professional in home care, including Alzheimer's care. Let us take care of your loved one so you can rest easy and not have to worry about them. Our staff are all well trained in dealing with those with cognitive issues and more than willing to help your aging loved one and your family. 

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Whether support is sought at the early stages or late stages of the disease, Comfort Keepers Alzheimer's care specialists are there when you need them. To learn more about our Alzheimer's services, contact us today at 269-556-9999. We look forward to assisting your senior loved one with Alzheimer's live a high quality life.  Start creating a custom plan during a free in-home care consultation.

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