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Always By Your Side

Dec 6, 2017 by Diane Genovese

Age does not change a lifetime of treasured memories, does not change a love ingrained in a soul and does not ever change our being, a gift from God. Age enhances each and every one of us, especially if we embrace it and understand to live our lives to the fullest in goodness to our families, friends, and those we meet along the way. In daily conversations I think we all say “I hope…” I hope today goes well for my children at school, I hope my children drive safely, I hope my spouse gets this new opportunity, I hope my mom and dad stay healthy, I hope I can be the best parent, best daughter or son, I hope I never let my friends or family down. 

Today my message is one of “hope”. I hope anyone reading my article will continue to provide hope and comfort to their aging parents, encouraging them with positive thoughts of how their influence and dedication shaped their lives, how their love and devotion to us is what truly mattered. Self worth is respect for oneself, my hope is that each of us helps our parents maintain self worth, that they leave this world feeling worthy, respected, and loved. 

Loss of a spouse, physical decline, loss of driving ability, decrease in hearing and friends passing all lend themselves greatly to isolation and loneliness. Most of our elderly prefer to remain in their homes if possible. Upon this decision it is important for them to maintain frequent contact with family and friends. If you are used to calling mom and dad weekly, it is time to increase the frequency. You don't need a special reason, just keep in mind that regular calls allow your loved one to hear your voce and feel comforted that you are thinking of them. Taking your aging parents on outings that they cannot do alone provides them with something to look forward to and enables their social well being. 

With solid support and communication, caring for an aging parent renews compassion and tenderness into any family. Being at your aging parent’s side to console them through their difficult moments, and offering hope for their continued desires in their lives, will strengthen the bond you share. 

In the beautiful prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, one of my personal favorites, some lines I believe are right on with the care we give to our elderly: “O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console,” and “Where there is despair, Hope.”

-Diane Genovese, Owner

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