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The Transition from Hospital to Home

Jul 17, 2017 by Diane Genovese

The care that patients receive when they return home from the hospital is essential to their successful recovery. Comfort Keepers provides the services and special attention needed that helps patients make a safe transition from hospital to home.

Through a specific Plan of Care, our trained caregivers assist patients with their needs, working with other health care professionals, we serve as a communication channel among care providers, patient and family members. Well trained and selected for client compatibility, Comfort Keepers are caring individuals dedicated to exceptional care and improving the client’s quality of life.  Our caregivers are thoroughly screened, undergo in-depth background checks and are fully bonded.  Care and peace of mind go hand in hand at Comfort Keepers. 

Attention needs to be given to the mobility of the person returning home.  Challenges in that area should be addressed and solved before less-mobile seniors arrive home.  Ensure walkways in the home are clear. Remove trip hazards such as rugs.  Handrails in the bathroom can prevent falls. Seniors may also come home with a limited diet. Preparing and eating dinner for themselves may seem overwhelming at first. Help with grocery shopping or preparing easy-to-heat meals would be beneficial to maintaining balanced nutrition.

Comfort Keepers provides the following services and more, to help ensure a safe and happy transition:

  • Transportation home 
  • Home assessment to ensure a safe environment
  • Prescription pickup
  • Reminders to stay compliant with care plan
  • Healthy meal preparation, housekeeping, bathing, dressing and medication reminders
  • Transportation to follow-up appointments

From a few hours to 24/7, our team stands ready to respond with availability soon after discharge. Let Comfort Keepers help you make a transition to more effective care and continue the recovery process.

Diane Genovese



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