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Tips On Traveling When Providing Elderly Care Services

Feb 8, 2017 by Diane Genovese

One of the most difficult things for familial caregivers to do when providing elderly care services for their senior loved ones is to tackle the challenge of traveling. Trying to travel with an aging senior adult, can be a challenge and it can be stressful not only on the caregiver, but on the senior as well. However, it isn’t always possible to just avoid traveling all together, which is why it is so important for senior caregivers to know the best ways to travel with seniors who need so extra care.

Here are some easy, yet effective tips on traveling with seniors that can help any caregiver make sure the entire process goes smoothly for everyone involved.

  • Always give yourself much more time than you think you will need. Rushing your loved one will only make them feel stressed or embarrassed.
  • Consider flying at a time in the middle of the day that isn’t as popular, so the airport won’t be as crowded.
  • Take advantage of the free transportation and wheelchair services provided by airports, they can make navigating the terminals much easier.
  • Always pack your loved one’s medications in a separate carry-on bag and keep it with you.
  • Make sure that your loved one is drinking plenty of water as flying can be very dehydrating.
  • Dress your loved one in light, cool layers so they can add pieces and take them of as needed.
  • Don’t forget that planes can be filled with circulating air that is full of germs, play it safe and make sure your loved one is taking plenty of vitamin C when they fly so they don’t get sick.

While traveling can be a big undertaking for those providing elderly care services, it doesn’t have to be overly stressful on seniors or their caregivers. If you take your time, go in with a positive attitude and keep these tips in mind, many times traveling can be much easier than it seems. 

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